Apply for a Enrich UofR Leadership Role

Thank you for your interest in being on leadership for our University Student Club "Enrich UofR".  Please know that you will be leading a christian based student club with a team led by Jordan Clark as the Pastoral Coordinator.  We report to each other and lead together throughout the school year.  You must understand and believe in our current statement of faith.  You must be a University of Regina Student in good standing with the University of Regina.  You will have to attend our events (90% of them) and meet with our club members throughout the year.  You will also have to attend a once a month leadership meeting with the leadership team.  

The current leadership roles: 

Pastoral Coordinator 

Recruitment Coordinator 

Community Coorindator

Event Coordinator 

The Roles we are looking to fill:

Recruitment Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Please click on the button to download the roles and responsibilities of each position and your leadership expectation.  

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