Devo | Come Home to Your Saviour | John 21:1-17

Read John 21:1-17

This portion of scripture happens after Jesus is put onto the cross and killed. He has now come back to life—the greatest miracle in which Jesus has performed. He continues to build His earthly ministry before He ascends back up into heaven (found In Acts Ch.1).

Here is the summary of this scripture:

1. Simon Peter, Thomas, Didymus and Nathanael are hanging out and Simon Peter tells them that he is going fishing

2. The first night they catch no fish

3. They notice a man on the beach of Galilee—this is Jesus. (The disciples don’t know its Jesus yet)

4. Jesus tells them to cast the net on the right side of the boat. There was too many fish; they couldn’t successfully catch any.

5. John (the disciple whom Jesus loved) tells Peter that this man is Jesus.

6. Peter gets dress and goes into the sea and dragged a huge net of fish to the land.

7. Jesus feeds them by the fire with fish and bread

8. Simon Peter repents to Christ and Jesus forgives Him and tells Him to “Tend my lambs.”

The important truth in this part of scripture is nothing spectacular or awe inspiring. It is rather a truth that we often forget in our daily lives following Christ. Look at Peter’s reaction to finding out this is Christ. Remember that Peter sinned against Christ by denying Him three times when He was getting crucified. Was Peter shamed? Did Peter spiral out of control to a point of extreme mental distress? Maybe. But When Peter understands that this is Jesus Christ he sees an opportunity to come back to Christ and repent. He wants to prove Himself to Jesus and he gets another opportunity to do that.

What is Jesus’ reaction? Jesus forgives Peter and gives Him the call to “Tend to my sheep.” Peter is given the job to build the following of Jesus after Jesus is gone into heaven—this is true forgiveness. Jesus doesn’t shame Peter, doesn’t remind Peter of everything he did wrong, He simply tells Peter to “Tend to my sheep.”


1. What does Peter’s Reaction to Jesus Christ Show Us?

2. How can we be more like Peter? What does daily repentance look like in our lives?

3. What other truth stands out to you in this story?

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