Devo | God The Provider | John 6:1-25

God The Provider

John 6:1-25

Throughout this beginning of John; God’s word is continually reminding us that He is the Lord above all and the Lord with us in Jesus Christ as man. Jesus wants us to rely fully on Him. Jesus does not want us to give into our human desires, our human issues and our human shortcomings; rather He shows us here that there is no shortcoming for Him (Jesus is God and all powerful)

Read John 6:1-25

Question 1: Why do you think Jesus fed this large crowd?

We need to examine the crowd in the feeding of the five thousand account where Jesus feeds a large group of people with a small amount of fish and bread. Now remember the crowd usually just took attendance or census of the men (this number could be more considering families were present). So why would Jesus feed this people? This also shows that Jesus cares deeply about what the crowd needed “Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.” —John 6:12.

Not only did Jesus feed everyone but there was leftovers—Jesus truly is the provider.

Question 2: Why do you think Jesus and His disciples were trying to be separated from the rest of the boats when the people were watching from the shore in John 6:15-25? Why did Jesus start this story by being away from His disciples?

It is clear that Jesus wants to be pursued. He wants to be loved. He wants us to be in relationship with Him. It is also clear that Jesus had become so famous that He was attracting massive crowds. Jesus took care of His “alone time.” He does it often in His ministry. Lastly, these two miracles show the heavenly rule of Christ on earth. It further proves that Jesus is God and that Jesus cares so deeply for His creation. He feeds, He provides, He even takes care of being alone and models a proper life living under the Father God’s reign.

But before we end, I want you to ask an honest question, and yes, please be honest.

Question 3: Do you think that you are worth saving? Do you think Jesus would have fed you? Why or why not?

Spoiler: You are always worth saving. You are always worth God's provision. God’s grace extends onto you just as it extended onto those five thousand people plus and the crowd waiting for Jesus on the shoreline. God literally is showing us, the reader, and showing the people in this time being apart of these miracles that Jesus is God, that He offers a bread that is not of earth but it is of heaven and the Father in heaven. We must always worship Jesus the one true God.

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