Devo | Jesus Gives Life | John 20

April 17th Sunday Gathering (Sharing Sunday) Preached by Jordan Clark

“….but these (miracles) have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.” -- John 20:31

Definition of Atone: “To Make Amends / Pay Reparations.”

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Last week we looked at the suffering of Jesus on the cross. We learned that Jesus calls some of us into suffering as He has suffered however we find hope in the fact that Jesus is a perfect God/man. This simply means that He is divine, perfect, the blameless lamb humbly going to the slaughter. Why would God do this?

Because He loves His creation. He loves it so much that He gave is one and only son so that none shall perish but have eternal life. Our culture’s version of love is “what can you do for me to prove to me that you love me?” However, God’s version of love is “What can I do for?”

It doesn’t stop at death though. Death is the penalty brought on by Adam and Eve’s original sin. Humanity is born into this sin and do cannot know what true goodness is without God. We all need a savior.

So God died in our place and executed His most important and greatest miracle of all time. Substitution is something practiced throughout the entirety of the OT.

The ram given to Abraham and Isaac instead of Isaac dying. (Genesis 22:9-13

The innocent lamb’s blood on the doorpost to signify safety for the Israelites during the ten plagues (the Passover) Exodus 12:23-36. Death is the price humanity pays for sin.

Death is not where this story ends. Jesus is still alive. Reconciling His creation back to God the Father. Saving humanity from their sin. God died so that we don’t have to die and go to hell for eternity rather He gave Himself up so that we can walk again with Him in heaven.

1. Jesus comes back to life and consoles Mary—He reveals Himself thus fulfilling prophecy and God’s promise

2. Imagine, they just watched Jesus raise Lazarus back from the dead in ch. 11 and now there was nobody to raise Jesus—Yet Jesus did it Himself. Christ has the true authority.

3. Not only did Jesus die but He didn’t stay dead—He has conquered death, therefore, Jesus is the true authority governing the world not even death, caused by sin, can hold Christ down.

4. Lastly, He died in our place so that we can live again with Him in heaven, born again. It is impossible for us to pay this price on our own because of our sinful nature however, all we need is repentance to Christ and Faith in Christ alone to receive this free gift of life. We no longer atone for our sins on our own because Christ does that for us.

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