Devo | The Bread of Life | John 6:26-40

Pastor Jordan Clark | Enrich Life Lead Pastor

One thing is clear when reading this portion of John: Jesus is in control and He is the focus. Well, that may not be entirely true, God the Father is the focus. Jesus had just performed two amazing miracles establishing that He does not fully operate within the kingdom found on Earth. Rather, Jesus is operating within a different kingdom, the kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus answers the question that the crowd asked when they finally saw Him arrive on His boat: “Rabbi, when did you get here?”

Read John 6:26-40

Question 1: Why didn’t Jesus just answer a simple “well were had some complications on the board,” or “I was taking time away by myself” instead of giving this long sermon-like answer?

Question 2: Why do you think Jesus calls Himself the bread of Life in John 6:35

Question: 3: One thing is clear here: Jesus wants our full attention. We must rely on Him as we rely on our food, our provisions as the only provision we truly need is from Jesus (God). What do you in your daily routine to make sure that Jesus is the focal point of your life? What do you need to do to fix this if Jesus isn’t the focal point in your life?

It is clear that the entirety of scripture proves that God provides for His people. God provided bread in the desert as the Israelites wandered (because of their own doing), Psalm 78:24, Exodus 16:1-7. God provided prophets, judges and leaders to help the Israelites stay on track in their relationship with God, Book of Judges, Jeremiah, Judges, God has also provided eternal life to those that have faith in Jesus Christ, He died in our place so that we may have eternal life instead of eternity in hell (eternal judgement and separation from God), John 6:26-40.

God has done because He will not abandon us. God loves his people so much that he judges them, He has died in their place, and has offered a direct relationship to them. We have a choice: We can choose to obey God’s promise and have faith in Jesus OR we can choose to abandon this offer and abandon God’s promise—God won’t deny us but we can deny God.

Our Dec. 15th Faith Gathering will be up on our Podcast and Youtube on Dec. 20th 2021. Use these questions as a companion when listening to it.

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