Devo | Jesus and Your Disappointment | John 4:1-30

Preached and Written by Adelle Ngo,

We are learning about Jesus’ pursuit of hope in hopeless situations. We will be reading the story of the woman at the well.

Read John 4:1-9

Question 1: Why is it strange for Jesus to encounter the woman at a well, at that time of day and all alone? What does this tell us about the woman? What does this tell us about Jesus?

Read John 4:10-18

Question 2: Why do we often try to avoid conversations that bring up pain on our lives? How do you usually respond when someone brings up a hard topic? Why do you think Jesus was willing to talk about hard things with this woman?

Read John 4:19-26

Question 3: Jesus is focused in his pursuit of revealing truth to the Samaritan woman, even when she is avoidant and confused. Why do you think Jesus wanted to reveal the truth about Himself to this woman? What does it tell us about Jesus’ character?

Read John 27-30

Question 4: The woman is used by Jesus right then and there to share the gospel. Do you think Jesus can use you in the midst of your own disappointment? Do you think you need to act a certain way in order to be used by Jesus? What ways has Jesus revealed Himself to you in seasons of disappointment?

Read these questions and study these scriptures as we prepare for our teaching on it. This

will be taught during our Faith Gathering on September 29.

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