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Devo | Only Jesus Saves | Matthew 2:1-12

Three Wisemen find Christ and worship him. God works in their hearts, saves them, and changes their lives. Only Jesus has the power to do this.

1. The Wisemen were humble men who saw Jesus as the true Messiah

The wisemen or (magoi) were not kings rather they were humbled astromomers. They came from the east meaning they were a part of the descendants of Judah and Israel centuries before. These men saw the peculiar star and wondered if this meant the true Messiah was here (prophesied in Isaiah 7-9). They travelled very very far to honor a jewish king. The jews were considered a conqured race, low, unimportant.

Wisemen misconceptions:

Misconceptions and legends abound about these wise men. They were not kings but wise men, which means they were astronomers. There were not only three, but probably a great company. They seem to have come not on the birth night, but probably several months later.

“The tradition that the Magi were kings can be traced as far back as Tertullian (died c. 225). It probably developed under the influence of Old Testament passages that say kings will come and worship the Messiah (cf. Psalms 68:29, 31; 72:10-11; Isaiah 49:7; 60:1-6).” (Carson)

They traveled this great distance to honor a King; yet there is a little irony in their great effort to honor the King of the Jews. At that time the Jewish people were often despised and dishonored because of their unique customs and beliefs, and also often because of their success and prosperity. They were often thought of as a low, troublesome, and conquered race. It was remarkable that they would trouble themselves so much to honor an infant King, but even more so a King of the Jews.

2. Herod tries to convince the wisemen to tell him where Jesus is...Herod's plan doesn't work.

The wiseman are confronted by Herod to "rat" Jesus out so that Herod can kill Him. When the wisemen enter Jesus' presence they gorify Him, they worship Him and give Him their gifts. Jesus, even as a baby, holds a signifiant, holy power that no human has ever possessed. Jesus is set apart.

3. Jesus' Presence changes these men. Their next form of worship to God is obedience to God.

The wiseman are see a dream in verse Matt. 2:12. An angel warns them of what Herod wants to do. These men are clearly changed by Christ because they choose to obey God. This directly contrasts with Isaiah--God's people were willing to worship but they were disobedient in their ways of living for God. The wisemen worshipped God AND they were obedient to His commands. Jesus changes us from the inside out.


1. How often do you approach Jesus? Do you pursue Him?

2. What is the main role of the star in this part of the Bible?

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