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Who We Are

"And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind,
and all your your neighbour as yourself."
--Mark 12 : 30-31


Welcome to the Family

We are church that is inviting, life-building and caring.

We love Jesus.  We worship Him as we try living rightly under Him.  This is why we welcome everyone into our community so that we can learn about Jesus and His teachings together.  We ask hard questions and encourage others to ask questions.  We want all voices to be heard in the midst of a broken and hurting world.  Jesus has transformed our lives and we know that He will transform yours too.  None of us are perfect and we need each other as we navigate this life together.


There is a spot waiting for you at the table without any shame, without any judgement, this community is here for you wherever you are in life.

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What We Believe

We firmly know that Faith alone in Christ is what saves us from the penalty brought by sin (death). Our works cannot accomplish salvation as only Christ has accomplished that in an act of mercy by dying on the cross and resurrecting from the grave three days later.  We know that our sin nature means we deserve to go to Hell, however, Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross wipes away our sin and seals the salvation of those who have repented and confessed their faith in the truth of Jesus Christ. This is good news.  (Ephesians 2:8-9, Luke 7:50, Romans 10:9-11, John 3:16-20). 

We firmly know that Jesus Christ is the one true God of the Old and New Testament.  We know that God has revealed himself to us in three specific persons containing of one, holy substance:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit. (John 1:1-5 & John 5:19)


We know that Jesus shows hope and grace to those who need it most. (John 4:4-26)


We know that Jesus preaches truth and justice in the face of opposition and cultural opinion.  (Psalm 146: 7-9, Matthew 8:1-4)


We know that Jesus wants to reach everyone regardless of their political positions, biases, upbringings and identities. Jesus wants everyone to live rightly and justly under his Lordship, however we know that many will hear the gospel and still rebel against it.  Our hope is that we faithfully preach the gospel and Jesus brings lost people into His loving family with the help of the Holy Spirit working through us. (1 Corinthians 12:12-29, Matthew 7:13-23)

Discipleship Team (Staff)

Rev. Jordan Clark

Lead Pastor
RedFrogs Coordinator


Jess Arseneault

Enrich Life Church
Ministry Apprentice

Enrich UofR Student Club
Ministry Apprentice

Hillary Mshana 


Bonnie Flaman


Enrich Life Church
Prayer Coordinator

Levi Couzens

Enrich Life Church
Worship Coordinator

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Sydney Dubois

Enrich Life Church
Bible Study Leader

Josiah Dondo

Enrich UofR Student Club
Event Coordinator


Enrich Life Church
Groceries (Outreach)

Erin Gold

Leadership Board
Planning Team

Brendan Olenick --Vice Chair

Chanel Dubois 

Cyndee Morehouse -- Treasurer

Bonnie Raisbeck -- Secretary

Sydney Dubois

Erin Gold

Rick Engel -- Member at Large

Jess Arseneault

Jordan Clark -- Chairman

Alyssa Flaman 


Our discipleship team. (missing: Sydney Dubois, Chanel Dubois, Cyndee Morehouse, Bonnie Raisbeck, Brendan Olenick)

Statement of Faith
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Our Values

The Gospel





Christian Booklet


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