Hear God.

The Bible

Read It.

Learn it.

Hear God.

We want you to learn how to read the Bible and we want to help you with this.  This is your one-stop place for Bible resources, tools and short coaching sessions that will teach you about God's Word and how to interact with it. 


Use this as a guide--a place to go to learn more about the Bible and a place to go to receive inspiration if you cannot pull yourself to read the Bible.  We are here with you; we want to help you experience God's Word.  

Coming Soon. 

Reading on a Bench



Welcome to the Bible Initiative.  This is the beginning of your journey in how to interact with God's Holy Word.  The bible has a perception of being intimidating and hard to understand--its not.  Yes, it is an ancient book that demands study, preparation and proper reading disciplines but it is possible for everyone to read scripture and understand it.  

This is the heart of of The Bible Initiative; to walk alongside of your faith journey and help you read your Bible every single day.