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A Church committed to serving others, growing together, and worshiping Jesus

Main Church Gathering //  

Saturdays, 6:30pm @ The Lazy Owl (3737 Wascana Pkwy)

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Everyone is welcome. All Beliefs, All Backgrounds,

We cannot wait to meet you.

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The Bible initiative

Read your Bible everyday

Welcome to the Family.

Enrich Life Church is a community that believes in the life changing power that only Jesus can offer.  We operate around the University of Regina Campus and in the City of Regina.  Have you asked yourself questions like "Who Am I?", "Why Am I Here?" or 'What Should I Do?".  This community is a safe place for questions and journeying together.  We don't judge.  None of us our perfect.  You are invited to a seat at this table as we break bread together every week and worship the one true God as a church.

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 We focus on three priorities as church under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

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We Gather Every Saturday @ 6:30pm in The Lazy Owl (UofR Campus)

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We are very specific with how we teach the bible. We go through one book over a given time. No Fluff.  We also proclaim the good news of Jesus every time we teach.  Every time we teach we have a time of community discussion so that we can all learn the bible together. We go through the bible a book at a time and provide a teaching every single week on several different platforms.  Listen on your own time and get your time in with God.

Teaching From The Bible; sharing the good news of Jesus.

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What Happens At Our 
Church Gatherings?



We focus on Jesus everytime we Gather.  We partake in breaking of bread every week just as Jesus did with His disciples.  This reminds us that we gather because of Jesus.  God is with us and we must worship Him as we share this good news.



We teach scripture--not our personal opinions.  We read the Bible together and teach directly from the Bible. We want the words from Jesus and the Bible to form our lives. Nobody is perfect in our community so we always look to Jesus as the head of our Community. 



Every time we teach we have times of discussion planned throughout the evening.  Ask questions, discuss the scriptures, any question is a good question.  We want to hear your voice and we want to learn God's Scriptures together- as a family.



We are a community that serves each other and serves other people--with no strings attached.  We prepare food hampers and donations during some of our gatherings.  We offer an opportunity to give non-perishable food items or donations to help our community and each other.

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