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Welcome to our Discipleship Initiative at Enrich Life.  We strive to be a church that grows the next generation of Christ followers.  Become a disciple with us and grow in your faith with a Christ-like community that aims to worship Jesus with their lives

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The Journey for a Disciple of Christ

If a believer in Jesus is to grow in their relationship with Jesus then they must follow Scriptural commands and steps.  These 6 steps is what every Christ follower's life should look like as they become and grow as Disciples of Jesus.


Know Jesus.  Be The Church.     

Share the Gospel.

Enrich wants you to grow closer to Christ.              

See our discipleship opportunities below.

The Enrich Life Apprenticeship

Our goal at Enrich Life is to equip people to lead others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have deeloped two apprenticeship positions that will equip someone to become a strong leader and disciple of Jesus Christ.  These are volunteer positions which can be held by current UofR Students or non-students.  This position will equip you to enter a mentoring community, will teach you how to properly read and preach The Bible and give you other leadership resources. 


As the Enrich Life Apprentice you will help lead and mentor the volunteer teams at our Sunday Gatherings.  You will learn how to teach on a Sunday Gathering and wil meet with the lead pastor and the Enrich UofR Apprentice for bi-weekly mentoring meetings.  

You will lead and run the Enrich UofR Student Club.  You will mentor and lead the team of the three student club coordinators in running the club on Campus.  You will coordinate our RedFrogs teams, plan on campus events and execute our missional outreach on the University of Regina Campus.  You willl meet bi-weekly with the lead pastor and Enrich Life Apprentice for bi-weekly mentoring meetings.


Enrich Life Monday Gathering Teams

Enrich Life is a church that wants its followers to participate in what we are all called to do: Live and preach the good news of Jesus Christ both as individuals and as a community.  We have areas of our church where you can serve and get to know your community at Enrich Life.   Look at our teams below to see where you can participate with your God-given gifts at Enrich Life.

You can serve on these teams once a month, every week or once every two months.  


Enrich UofR Student Club Positions

Are you a current University of Regina Student?  We have an exciting opportunity for you to help your peers directly on campus.  You will be mentored by the Enrich UofR Apprentice and fulfill your role with them as your leader.  This position is volunteer but you will receive a $400 honorarium for your work at the end of the school year. 

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RedFrogs Harm Reduction Team

We provide a service that aims to keep students safe during alcohol fuelled events called RedFrogs.  This is a worldwide program that desires to safeguard students during potentially dangerous situations.  RedFrogs does Hydration Stations during Bar Nights and dorm parties.  We do room walk backs, cab voucher handouts and bathroom patrols during the party.  We also do pancake cook ups and provide all ages sober events on campus.  

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We will providing a training course for RedFrogs in August 2022 and September 2022.  We will update this page in a couple of weeks with those updates.

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